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Brief introduction of electronic marking machine

Release date:2015-09-19Views:1498

Electrochemical hit marking machine (often called electrochemical marking machine, also known as electric corrosion hit marking machine) is widely used in the production of metal surface markers, such as hardware tools, stainless steel utensils, gear bearings, automobile and motorcycle parts, pumps and valves, plumbing equipment, kitchen utensils, machine tool accessories, medical equipment and other metal products marking. Operation is extremely simple: to print the contents of pre made templates, the template on the printing of the workpiece, which will make the header stained marker (electrolytes) water light click or light brush, remove play header and templates. Beautifully printed on the mark. As simple as the official seal. Automatic production line, foot switch, power maximum, control, efficiency, easy operation, beautiful appearance, suitable for large scale, high demand of users.