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Address:NO.1,Hou’an Villiage, Daxi Town,Wenling City, Zhejiang ,China

  • In May 19,2015, NCSK company join the Exhibition in Malaysia. We exhibit our new penumatic and laser marking machine.  The new penumatic marking machine is an all-in-one type. The control system and marking structure are in one machine. There're no additional control box or computer, everything is inside. The weight is only 25KG.  The Laser marking machine is a portable type.  It is easy to carry, and easy to use.  NCSK marking machine start replace American and European marking machine in Malaysia.
  •  In May 13,2015, NCSK company join the INTERMACH in Thailand. We exhibit our new penumatic marking machine. People are very interested in this wihte machine. They found this penumatic marking machine is much different  with the normal one . It is clean and light. The body of the machine is made by aluminum.  NCSK marking machine   expand the market  in thailand  and   more competitive.
  • NCSK marking machine in 117th canton fair
  • NCSK exhibit in Saudi Saudi market only have American or European marking machine till NCSK come to the exhibiton. People find NCSK marking machine is more easier to use than those made in America. The marking speed is fast and mark is clear. The marking system is just like Microsoft word and very easy to learn.  Local TV station interview NCSK marking machine
  • It is the first time that NCSK show the marking machine in Jakarta, people got a lot of interesting on it.  The factories in Indonesia only know American or European marking machine before. But in the exhibition they found NCSK marking machine is much more easy to use. They only need 1 hour to learn how to use it.  People found that "made in China" is becoming more and more better. NCSK marking machine start compete with the American brands  in the Malaysia market .
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