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CCD visual positioning laser marking system
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  • CCD visual positioning laser marking system
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  • CCD visual positioning laser marking machine adopts built-in industrial camera to take real-time pictures and grasp product shape features for positioning and marking. The positioning accuracy is high, and multiple workpieces can be positioned at the same time.
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Detailed Info

The traditional marking method generally uses special fixture to locate the workpiece, which has the problems of difficult design, high cost and low efficiency when dealing with irregular workpiece and small workpiece. For this reason, we have introduced advanced CCD machine vision positioning technology and integrated it into the marking system.

CCD visual positioning and marking system is equipped with high-resolution industrial camera, which can capture the feature shape of workpiece in real time for positioning and marking. The workpiece can be placed arbitrarily in the camera recognition area, and the software will automatically adjust the angle and position of the marking content according to the captured image. The intelligent algorithm of the software can identify multiple workpieces at the same time, which is especially suitable for the marking of small workpieces and greatly improves the marking efficiency.

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