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Remote control laser marking machine
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  • Remote control laser marking machine
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  • Laser marking machine support remote control.
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Detailed Info

In some situation, people need to control the laser machine by a remote computer (or PLC). For these demands, we design a special communication protocol.  
With this protocol, remote computer (or PLC) can modify the content of marks, and control the marking.
For example, PLC send an instruction to modify the content of a mark, instruction formate will be:

Instruction codeMark addressDataCRC code

Intruction code: Code of instruction
Mark address: Define which mark you need to modify
Data: The new content of the mark
CRC code: CRC check code 

Note: this is an instruction sample, not the real formate. If you need the document of this protocol, please contact us.

The procotol also define feedback message formate for these instruction. 
If you need detail document of this protocol, please contact us.

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