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Remote control laser marking machine
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  • Remote control laser marking machine
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  • Laser marking machine support remote control.
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Detailed Info

Product Discription                                                                                   
In some situation, people need to control the laser machine by a remote computer. That means the laser machine must support remote control. For these demands, we design a special type of laser marking system that support TCP/IP communication protocol.  
Local computer(which control laser machine) send a read message to the remote server. After received the message, the server will read the database and send the data to local computer.
1526282553885292.jpgSince WIFI is also a TCP/IP protocol, so you can even using a mobile phone to control the marking.


Laser Power20W/30W/50W(Optional)
Marking Area100mm X 100mm (Optional)
Engraving Depth≤0.3mm
Minimum Line Width0.02mm
Minimum Character0.2mm
Repeat Accuracy±0.01mm
Machine Power≤500W
Input Voltage220V/110V

Detailed Images                                                                                          

Focusing System
Before marking, the focusing distance need to be adjust first. We design an extra red laser to make the focusing step more faster. When the extra red laser(red laser 2)  and the original red laser (red laser 1) converge to one point, then the focusing is OK.


Scanning galvanometer

"Motortech", one of the best galvanometer brands in china. 

It has high precision and low failure rate.


Laser Generator

 MAX laser is the best (not one of) brand in low power  fiber pulse laser industry in china. 

Software Function                                                                                        


Vector graph Marking   

The vector graph that designed by Coreldraw/AUTOCAD /Illustrator can be imported to the laser software.

1489926329103478.jpg Text Edit                   

 The laser software support variety of text editing. 

 For example:

 Fixed text: Type the words directly.

 Serial number: The number will increase/decrease  automaticly.

 File: Import content from Excell file or TXT file.

 Keyboard: Import content from Barcode gun.

 Barcode: Support UTF-8 coding and serial number.

NCSK laser machine is widly used on marking surgical instruments, pcb, rulers, pumps, taps, QR code, barcode, nameplate...

Marking Sample                                                                                           

Our Service                                                                                                  

1. We can design LOGO and the nameplate for you. The design  will be save as "plt" formate and you can import to your laser  software. You'll get two times free design after you buy the  machine.

2. We supply blank metal nameplate for marking. Alumina, aluminum, stainless steel...All of these material is tested beautiful for laser marking. And we can cut these material to the size you needed.


Packing & Delivery                                                                                       



 Size:100cm (L) * 80cm (W) * 90cm (H)

 Weight: 130kg


Q1. How can I choose suitable machine?
A: Please tell us what kind of product you need to marking, and we'll give some suggestion.

Q2. How about the delivery time?
A: Normally 8days. But it depends on your order quantity.

Q3. When I get this machine, How to use it ?
A: The machine is designed to be Integration and easy to use. You just need to plug in and the machine will start working. We also have a video to teach you how to use it.

Q4. How about the warranty, and if some problems happened to this machine during warranty period, what should i do?
A: 1 year. The machine is designed to be easy use and repair. We could have a video conversation by skype to help you find and fix the problem. 

Q5. What certificate do your product have?

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