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All-in-one dot pin marking machine
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  • All-in-one dot pin marking machine
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  • Intergtated with computer and control system.
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Detailed Info

Product Description
Normal dot pin marking machine compared with controller and main body, and also need a computer to run software. The whole system is a little complex. So we design an all-in-one type to intergrate these things together. It is more simple, and easier to use.

The all-in-one dot pin marking machine use an embedded system to control the machine. With a touch screen you can operate without key board. There're 3 USB port supporting U-disk and keyboard. The serial port support command control by other computer system.


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Q1: What is application of your marking machine?
A: Marking words or logo on car frame, automotive chassis, engine, mechanical part, machine tool, metal pipe, gear, pump body, valve and various hardness plastic products, bodywork of motorcycle.

Q2: How can I learn to use the machine?

A: We have video tutorial on youtube, please visit "".

Q3: What contents can the machine mark?

A: Alphanumeric info, VIN number, Serial number, Date, Random number, Vector graph,etc.

Q4: How long time can the pin use?

A: One machine will have 4 pin. one pin can use 3 month to 1 year, it is depend on the working strength and material .

Q5: Warranty time?

A: 1 year.

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