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Pneumatic marking machine

Release date:2015-09-19Views:1524

Product Name: plane pneumatic marking machine high end type

Working principle: through to print in both Chinese and English characters, graphics input computer, computer marking software convert the content to digital control signal, transmitted to the controller, driving a print needle in the X - y two-dimensional plane according to the motion trajectory set, also print needle in the compressed air under the effect of high frequency micro shock motion, thus in the workpiece printing on a surface of a composed of close packed lattice concave mark.

Product features:

The domestic first USB2.0 high speed data interface, data transmission faster, more stable;

Adopt double column linear bearing structure, no lateral clearance, more accurate positioning, more freedom;

The imported linear guide rail, stepper motor, electromagnetic valve, abrasion resistance, long service life;

The unique exterior design, comparable to similar foreign machine;

Circuit design in compliance with international EMC standard test, the system more stable, the precision higher;

The PLC interface, the host computer control, automatic printing system is more suitable for modern chemical plant;

The I/O interface, can according to the customer need to install the automatic clamping device, improve work efficiency;

- improved graphics editing, and data on the needle check function;

Fully meet the IS09001-9002 quality system certification of the product can be identified, traceability requirements.

Typical applications: all kinds of industrial parts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, metal nameplate signs on the batch number, date, trademark, product model, VIN number

Product parameters:

Print range 80*140mm (optional) maximum print hardness HRC62

Print head lift height 0~300mm compressed air pressure 0.3~0.7MPa

Repeat printing precision 0.02mm voltage requirement AC176~264V

Print minimum 1mm 300W

Print speed 1~3 character / second ambient temperature -10 ~50

System reset times 1000 times >48 hours continuous working hours